Wilma T.
Submitted 07/18/22
Dr clark was professional but friendly also. All my visits to this practice has been a positive experience
Dorothy S.
Submitted 01/07/22
Dr. Clark recommended PT for my back problem. My theraphist was Jolee. I could not have asked for anyone better for my PT. She was so caring and concerned about helping me without hurting me. She made PT a time I looked forward to not a time I dreaded. We worked, but we also talked and laughed. She is the greatest. If I need PT again, she will be the one I will ask for.
Dorothy S.
Submitted 01/07/22
I cannot give enough praise for this practice, from the front office, to the PA to Dr. Clark. He explained things to me so I could understand. He was so caring and kind, I felt like I was his only patient that day. Never felt rushed. After explaining things to me, he asked if I had any questions and waited patiently for my questions. I will not go to any other doctor for my back.
Martin D.
Submitted 11/09/21
I have a significant amount of arthritis, including the spine. After consulting with Dr. Clark, he advised physical therapy, which with the help from the competent staff has been highly successful. Very pleased with the experience!
Wanda H.
Submitted 05/21/21
Ablation of right and left side of back. Relieves pain of my lower back. Successful application.
Leilani A.
Submitted 01/25/21
I searched for a specialist for my husband’s shoulder injury. I found great reviews for Dr. Clark and let me tell you he didn’t disappoint. He’s personable and professional. He made my husband feel comfortable. I think what I like best is that he didn’t try to over diagnose first doing unnecessary procedures or tests. He truly cares about you and helping you with your injury. Thank you Dr. Clark for taking good care of my husband.
Shawna R.
Submitted 01/07/21
Emily Priestas is an amazing physical therapist. After I nearly gave up on resolving years of chronic back pain after seeing a handful of other PT’s, Emily was determined to get me back on track. She listened attentively to my history and put a plan into action where I saw immediate improvements. Emily is extremely knowledgeable about PT techniques, anatomy, etc. and has a wonderful bedside manner. Emily knows that I normally have an active lifestyle, so she was determined to get me moving again. During appointments, Emily is with you 100% of the time in a 1 on 1 situation. As my therapy progressed, Emily used dry needling techniques to address trigger points that had been present for years and were causing pain and limiting mobility. I had full confidence in her ability to perform dry needling safely and I feel that the muscle relaxation achieved through dry needling techniques was the only thing that would release my trigger points. While momentary pain/discomfort was present at times during the therapy, afterwards, my muscles just felt tired for a few hours, then were back to normal (sans pain!). I highly recommend Emily for general PT and for dry needling!!
Submitted 10/29/20
Wayne W.
Submitted 11/26/19
Emily and Wendy did a great job in easing the pain in my leg, which was the result of a pinched nerve in my back. Their system of massage and exercise was very helpful. They provide me with a home therapy that has been beneficial. Well worth my time spent with them.
Gary W.
Submitted 10/24/19
Needed a 2nd opinion from Dr. Clark. Should have gone to him for the first opinion because he immediately pinpointed the issue!! Dr. Clark gives easily understood explanations in an exceptionally competent manner.
Peter A.
Submitted 10/24/19
Emily and Wendy are exceptionally competent and knowledgeable therapists. They are very caring and pleasant toward their patients, and very good at explaining what exercises are helpful and why. Truly an outstanding physical therapy group.
Brenda B.
Submitted 05/03/19
I cannot give enough praise for the care given to me by Emily. She truly cared about my pain and listened to my feedback with a plan of action. I would recommend Emily to ANYONE who needs a good PT!
Brenda B.
Submitted 05/03/19
I would recommend Dr Clark to ANYONE suffering with cervical/spinal pain who are looking for alternative options for pain management. He has been thorough and honest with me.
Deborah R.
Submitted 02/20/19
Dr Clark is aces. I definitely recommend him to my family and friends.
Sandra W.
Submitted 02/06/19
Dr. Clarke was amazing and very friendly. He made me feel very comfortable. He listened as I told him about the pain I have and did not rush me and answered all of my questions. He looked directly at me as he explained what he thought was wrong with my neck and shoulder. He then explained step by step the medical procedures that he could administer to help alleviate the pain I’ve been suffering with since last year. I left Dr. Clarke’s office feeling confident that he was the right Doctor for me! Thank you Dr. Clarke. You were wonderful.
Gary W.
Submitted 12/18/18
Starting with being taken to exam room at time of appointment and finishing with Dr. Clark taking care of my issues in an extremely confident and caring manner I remain thoroughly impressed with this practice.
Eroland M.
Submitted 11/30/18
Dr.Clark and his staff are polite direct and efficcient at all times
Michelle & John P.
Submitted 08/17/18
Dr. Clark and staff are wonderful. Highly recommended
Constance P.
Submitted 07/15/18
Dr. Clark is an excellent doctor… I have recommended him to family and friends many times in the past months. Dr. Clark has a genuine concern for your comfort level and is well educated in pain management techniques. Thank you Dr. Clark for being there when I needed you!
Vance W.
Submitted 01/30/18
Dr. Clark is wonderful. I’ve had ACL and meniscus tears and surgery in the past and a lot of PT on my right knee and have suffered nagging pain and discomfort for years, but after receiving the PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection from Dr. Clark two weeks ago my knee feels the best in years and feels like I’m gaining back confidence in doing normal everyday things like running up escalators and standing with no aches. He was very steady and reassuring and I felt no pain during injection process. His calm demeanor kept me at ease during a new treatment that was a big deal for me given my knee problems. Also, very professional, helpful and warm staff were a plus! Brand new clean and new office another plus!

T. C.
Submitted 12/28/17
I had a bakers cyst that was causing extreme discomfort. I was impressed how Dr Clark immediately identified my problem, treated it and sent me away feeling better than I had in months!! I was particularly impressed with the skillful ness of his performance. It was over before I knew he had even started. Someone who handles pain with this kind of precision is a doctor that receives a high commendation from me. If you need a skillful, gentle, thorough doctor, he’s your guy! You won’t be disappointed! From a grateful, painfree patient!! I would comeback again and again!

Sharon B.
Submitted 12/07/17
Dr. Clark is awesome, he seems to know his stuff and I feel that he’s going to get me where I need to be for my situation. I like it that he takes the time to listen to you and doesn’t hurry out of the room . Going here you don’t feel like you are being cattled in, you are treated like a human being.
Ryan D.
Submitted 12/04/17
Thoughtful and well explained care, answered all my questions and gave honest opinions. Thank you
Shawna N.
Submitted 11/30/17
I appreciate the fact that Dr. Clark went over everything with me
Greyson D.
Submitted 11/26/17
Dr. Clark is very kind and an excellent doctor. I recently had an acupuncture treatment on my neck. Before I started, I couldn’t turn more than a few degrees without severe pain. Within 10 minutes, my pain significantly improvement and I regained full range of motion. I would highly recommend Premier Spine and Sports Medicine
Diane B.
Submitted 11/22/17
Very satisfied with the choice I made in switching Doctors, Dr.Clark is great and very concerned physician
Nicole J.
Submitted 11/20/17
Very thorough. Explained things in terms easily understandable.
Submitted 11/17/17
Sarah S.
Submitted 11/09/17
Great experience with Dr. Clark. He listened to everything and we put together a plan of action. Happy to finally have some relief!
Joshua S.
Submitted 11/08/17
Dr. Clark provided excellent service on my last visit. Gave me a variety of options to help fix my shoulder injury.
Joshua S.
Submitted 10/27/17
Dr. Clark was very helpful and knowledgeable with my injury. Very professional!
Daniel W.
Submitted 10/25/17
I was seen immediately and with much professionalism. Dr. Clark really has a heart for helping poeple. He takes his time and asks alot of questions and really listens. Highly recommended.